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PeaceWomen Across the Globe says YES to protection against hatred

29.01.2020, Popular vote: Ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people are still affected by discrimination and acts of violence all over the world, including in Switzerland. One of the effects of this is the five times higher suicide rate among homosexual youths compared to heterosexual youths. The current law does not protect homosexual and bisexual people as a group, but only in the case of personal attacks. That is why we need to extend the penal code article against racism.

On 9 February the Swiss electorate will vote on the extension of the anti-racism legislation. The inclusion of the criterion of sexual orientation is intended to improve protection lesbian, gay and bisexual people from hatred and discrimination. PeaceWomen Across the Globe supports a "YES" to protection against hatred.

Based on a positive understanding of peace, we stand up against structural violence – which includes discrimination. A YES to the popular vote is a feminist sign and a step towards a more just society in which all people can live free from discrimination.

You too can help in the fight for more justice for homo- and bisexual people. We say: YES to protection against hatred.

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