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Dialogue forums to promote the process of democratization

In this project, we support women in Egypt in their aspirations for political participation. To this end, carefully structured talks are held in various regions of the country in the form of dialogue forums. These forums promote mutual understanding and pave the way to solutions. The inclusion of experiences of PeaceWomen from other conflict contexts is a key component of the forums. Project duration: 2012 - 2016
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Women Peace Mediator Courses

We run mediation courses for women in various regions of the world. These courses address the specific needs and potential of women in peace processes. The aim of the courses is not merely to teach content, but also to establish a pool of competent mediators, who will form their own network. Project duration: 2013
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Interregional learning in tackling violence against women

Tackling violence against women is our common denominator in Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia, where project activities aim to create a culture of peace and non-violence. The consequences of human rights violations against women are being made public and everything is being done to ensure that violence against women stops. Project duration: 2013 – 2015

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Sustainable development and conflict prevention

Using successful projects as examples, we show that women can play a significant role in preventing or mitigating conflicts through their endeavors to safeguard livelihoods and natural resources. In geographical terms, we are currently concentrating on China and Mexico, with the focus here also on the idea of building up a network of women peace activists.  Project duration: 2008 - 2016 
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