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Women in Danger


1000 PeaceWomen

PeaceWomen Across the Globe, these are 1000 women working for peace all over the world. Day after day they do all they can for peace and security with much courage and little public attention. In 2005 they were collectively nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of hundreds of thousands other PeaceWomen. Read more about each of these women, their engagement, their actions, their biographies and let them inspire you to make change yourself.

A look at the portraits gives an impression of the wide range of women included in the nomination. The work done by the 1000 PeaceWomen takes place at the local, national and international levels and involves many different fields: promoting political rights, developing peace, supporting health, education, environment, fighting for children’s rights or against organized criminality, human trafficking and violence.

In the biographies you can learn more about the background and the spheres of action of each PeaceWoman.

Some PeaceWomen are in danger for their committement to human rights. They are working in war affected regions and post war regions, where human rights violations are the order of the day.

Many PeaceWomen were honoured with awards for their work. You can see the informations about the award ceremonies in our archive.

The nomination of 1000 women from 150 countries represented a snapshot of the year 2004. Since then, the cooperation with many PeaceWomen has been intensified. However, there is no periodic review of the activities of all 1000 PeaceWomen.