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Thematic Reports

Brochures and Articles

Brochures on particular topics, workshop manuals, and short articles aim to sensitize and contribute to knowledge transfer.


In 2007 Switzerland created a national action plan to implement the UNSC-Resolution 1325. Ten years later the working group on 1325, which includes a large group of organizations in Switzerland, has developed an independent report about the implementation of the action plan. It is a critical assessment including specific recommendations for the future. The report is written in German.

Interview with a PeaceWomen

Guatemala PeaceWoman Luz Mendez was the only woman at the peace table during the peace negotiations in her country. In June 2014, she tells PWAG about her personal highlights in the negotiation process, how women were able to influence the negotiations and why she still has hope for her country, in spite of the high femicide rate.

Virtual Book

The regional office for Latin America and the Caribic has published a virtual book (2012) that compiles the experiences and knowledge of women in conflict settings. The book shows the fundamental role of women in peacebuilding. The publication is written in Spanish. 

Workshop Guideline

The Brazil regional coordinators for PeaceWomen Across the Globe published in 2012 a book on their experiences and explanations on their sensitization method that links violence against women to reproductive health, relations between men and women, and gender justice.The publication is written in Portugese.

Thematic Booklet

The UNSC-Resolution 1325 demands equal rights for women and an intensified participation in peacekeeping or peacemaking measures at all institutional levels. This booklet brings the UNSC-Resolution 1325 into the context of implementation in South Asia. The text was written by Anuradha Chenoy (India) and was published by SANGAT (India) together with PeaceWomen Across the Globe.