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Our global network of and for women peace activists

Our worldwide network "Feminists Connecting for Peace" forms the core of our work. It grew out of the "1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize" initiative - the PeaceWomen of 2005 - and continues to develop into a unique global community of networked peace activists. 

The network provides a space for activists and for feminist peace organisations to exchange, network and learn together. They use the network as a platform to make their demands public and thus lend them political weight. Within the network, we take on the co-ordination of four main activities: 

Exchange: We promote the digital and physical exchange of knowledge and experience on issues relevant to peace policy, with the idea that activists can learn from each other and translate the resulting expanded knowledge into locally based activities. 

Knowledge transfer: The knowledge, competencies and experiences of peace activists are jointly developed. The network publishes this knowledge in the form of toolkits, publications, videos and other products, which the participants implement and pass on in their own work. 

Feminist Peace Initiatives: The network's collective learning processes feed into local peace policy activities and initiatives. Our partner organisations develop projects on peace policy in their respective contexts, which in turn generates new learning experiences. 

Visibility and advocacy: The network's global peace work is continuously made visible on various channels, including our own communication platforms. The co-operation in the network provides a political voice for peace-policy related concerns locally, nationally and internationally. Campaigns are used to win public support for feminist peacebuilding. 

Information about the network's webinars and events can be found under Events and on our Facebook page PeaceWomen Across the Globe. Here you can learn more about the PeaceWomen and read their biographies.

Examples of current Feminist Peace Initiatives:

Brazil (developed during the webinars on "Sexualized and Gender-Based Violence in Latin America", 2021):

Mulheres Pela Paz, Brazil: Sharp Little Talk (Podcast, POR/ESP/EN) 

Women’s Union of São Paulo, Brazil: Direitos Das Pessoas Idosas E Interseccionalidade (Video, POR)

Banda Clandestinas, Brazil: FALA, CLANDESTINA! (Podcast, POR)

Embaixada Solidária Toledo, Brazil: A Casa de Todos os Povos (Brochure, POR).