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About the project

Sustainability and conflict prevention

A blue economy, exchange between cities and rural areas, young people as ambassadors for a responsible approach to natural resources: our coordinators in China and Mexico focus on issues connected to resources because resources also affect peace. The PWAG coordinators in China and Hong Kong are running projects under the heading of Ecological Security & Environmental Justice. A regional PWAG office for China, set up in Beijing with the help of volunteers, focuses on ecology and securing livelihoods. The work includes a successful master’s program at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between students and PeaceWomen and their environmental projects.

Nuria Costa, PeaceWoman and project coordinator in Mexico, organizes workshops and forums on the sustainable use of natural resources and on conflict prevention. Her focus is on the contribution made by women and on the potential found in traditional, community-based lifestyles for living in harmony with nature. The aim of her traditional summer courses, Verano cultural, is that the young generation will preserve its ancestors’ knowledge and campaign for sustainable development. It is very important to Nuria to include knowledge from other cultures.

Project duration: 2008 - 2016

Project coordinator in Mexico: Nuria Costa

Project coordinator in China: Kin Chi Lau

Further information and documents: Sustainable development and conflict prevention