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Violence against Women

On the project

Tackling violence against women is our common denominator in Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia, where project activities aim to create a culture of peace and non-violence. The consequences of human rights violations against women are being made public and everything is being done to ensure that violence against women stops. While the project goals apply across regions and cultures, the project work itself is adapted to fit the situation and needs of each region. To ensure that learning is guaranteed both within regions and across borders, PWAG organizes annual coordinator meetings that alternate between the project countries.

The project work is defined jointly by the International Secretariat, the PWAG regional coordinators in Latin America, Brazil and Indonesia, and with the support of PeaceWomen from our network.

Project duration: 2013 – 2015

Project goals and activities

Women at high levels of political decision-making are involved in efforts to tackle violence against women. Joint lobbying and advocacy are used as tools for making this kind of violence visible and reminding male and female legislators of their responsibilities.

Women, men and children are encouraged to identify and tackle gender stereotypes and derogatory treatment that lead to a lack of respect towards women and to violence against them.


In Latin America and the Caribbean, PWAG advocates the implementation of laws combatting violence against women. These exist very well on paper, but are in many places insufficiently or not at all implemented. This means that the vast majority of cases of sexual violence are not punished. In addition, the PWAG Regional Office campaigns for the implementation of UN Resolution 1325 and its national action plans.

Project coordinator: María-Julia Moreyra

More information and documents: project in Argentina


PWAG Brazil – Associação Mulheres Pela Paz (AMP) – has developed a sensitization method that links various elements: violence against women; reproductive health, relationships between men and women and gender equality. Since 2012, AMP organizes workshops in different regions of Brazil to make the method accessible to government institutions, NGOs and the general population.

Project coordinator: Vera Vieira

More information and documents: project in Brazil


The situation in Indonesia is extremely alarming: the country is heavily affected by human trafficking, as it is a source, transit and destination country for sexual exploitation and forced labor. For effectively combatting trafficking in women in Southeast Asia, PWAG makes every effort to strengthen the network of organizations operating in the Region.

Project coordinator: Caroline Monteiro

More information and documents: project in Indonesia