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Peace Mediation Courses

About the project

Women are excluded from peace negotiations in most of the world’s conflict regions. This means that issues such as violence towards women, the participation of women in political bodies, and women’s and children’s rights are very often marginalized. Patriarchal structures, traditional norms and values that discriminate against women, and a specific lack of educational opportunities are some of the many reasons why women are excluded from negotiations.

Project duration: 2013

Project goals and activities

PWAG runs mediation courses that last two or three weeks and address the specific circumstances of women in peace processes. The main aim is to strengthen the women as peace mediators and provide them with theoretical and practical training in analyzing and transforming conflicts in a gender-sensitive way. They should learn how to produce and competently communicate expert analyses in conflict situations.The participants come from different tracks (local, regional, national) and have already acquired experience of peace work in their respective contexts. This strengthens the women as a group and encourages, in a very practical way, exchange between participants. The pilot course was held in the autumn of 2013 in Katmandu, Nepal. It will now be developed further and offered in other regions. Because there was such high demand for the first course – over 250 people applied from all over the world – the format will be continued.

Further information and documents: women peace mediators course in Nepal