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Dialogue Fora

About the project

This multi-year project focuses on the active participation of women in democratization processes. Each dialogue forum is a carefully structured discussion that promotes mutual trust and understanding, and paves the way for solutions. Experiences gathered by PeaceWomen in other conflict situations play a central role in the three-day events.

The dialogue fora in Egypt

The first national dialogue forum on women's participation was held in November 2012 in Alexandria, Egypt. The event was attended by 140 women and men from different regions and different social backgrounds. Six PeaceWomen from Palestine, Sudan, Sri Lanka, the U.K., Uganda and Mexico were invited to participate as experts. Speaking in Alexandria, the Egyptian partner organizations stressed the importance of holding further dialogue forums in the regions. They said this would mean that as many female stakeholders as possible were included in democratic processes, and would secure the largest possible participation of women at all political levels. However, the uncertainty surrounding the political situation, which was plagued by riots and violence, made it impossible to hold any further forums in 2013. PWAG eventually managed to organize three regional fora in 2014: in Luxor, Tanta and Marsah Matruh. PeaceWomen from other conflict regions participated in the events.

Project duration: 2012 - 2016

Project goals and activities

One of the main goals is to get people from different social, ethnic, political and religious backgrounds to come together and engage in a dialogue on the participation of women. Gaining shared experiences in regional dialogue forums makes for a stronger, more transparent national process. This kind of approach also makes it easier to draw up a joint strategy on the participation of women that has the support of multiple regions. Working together to develop topics, action plans and solutions increases the likelihood that the participants will reach a lasting consensus. Differing interests and conflicts between the various actors can be discussed constructively during the process and integrated as far as possible.

Project coordinator: Yasmine Arafa

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