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While the work of the 1000 PeaceWomen from over 150 countries is exemplary, and documented in the book PeaceWomen Across the Globe, efforts against violence in all spheres of our lives and practices for peace are sustained by millions of women across the globe. The work of the millions of women deserves to be recognized, made visible, and furthered through inter-connections in the efforts for reducing violence and promoting peace.

Aim: The aim of the WikiPeaceWomen project is to expand the bodies of knowledge and skills of not only the Thousand PeaceWomen nominated in 2005 for the Nobel Peace Prize, but those of a Million PeaceWomen working in all fields of human security, conflict resolution, ecological security, environmental justice, health, education, legislation, and others. While their work will be made visible and recognized, their expertise will also be disseminated outside their current spheres of influence, so as to contribute to different levels ranging from the communities to the global. The process of inviting stories of a Million PeaceWomen to be written and translated, and of fostering connections, will be a process of re-activation of the interest and commitment of old and new coordinators from different regions of the world, and of connection and reconnection to the 1000 PeaceWomen as well as the thousands of volunteers who have related in various ways to the PWAG project in the last decade. A broad network of partners will be formed. The language sites, while being linked to the global world of dozens of languages, are each a forum for documentation, discussion and research on themes for peace-building.   The goal is to reach one million stories by 2020. This will be a global campaign involving a million people to relate to the WikiPeaceWomen project.

In an interview taken in June 2017 Kin Chi Lau - project leader and PWAG international board member - reflects on successes and challenges related to the WikiPeaceWomen-project.

The current WikiPeaceWomen team:

Kin Chi Lau - project leader

A professor of comparative literature, critical pedagogy, global culture, local governance and negotiating violence, Kin Chi Lau lectures at the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. She is co-chair of the Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives, a network of scholar-activists in Asia; vice-president of the World Forum for Alternatives; and a founding member of the Global University for Sustainability. She has written on modernization, rural regeneration, resurgent patriarchy, and alternative practices in China and globally. Kin Chi Lau is the PWAG coordinator for projects on sustainable development and livelihood and the regional representative for East Asia. 

Lai-Seung Au-Yeung - coordinator

Lai-Seung Au-Yeung graduated with BA in Business Studies and Master of Cultural Studies in Lingnan University, Hong Kong. She is the coordinator of WikiPeaceWomen Project. She is a fellow of Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives, a member of the China Social Services and Development Research Centre, a founding member of Global University for Sustainability, and helps in the coordination team of a research project on Seven Emerging Countries and South South Forum for Sustainability. She has practiced Tai Chi Fist and Martial Art for ten years, and is currently a Tai Chi coach.

Kin Ching Lau - web administrator

Kin Ching Lau is a fellow of Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives, and a founding member of Global University for Sustainability. He is volunteer in designing and website programming of three websites: Global University for Sustainability, WikiPeaceWomen, and ARENA.

Peiyun Jin - coordinator for Chinese website

Peiyun Jin has Master of Agricultural Promotion Degree from Renmin University of China. She has participated in the rural reconstruction movement in China for over ten years. In 2008-2011, she was engaged in Sichuan Province in post-Wenchuan earthquake rehabilitation work and in Tibet in ecological settlement for nomadic groups. From 2011, she has joined work in ecological rural development, and since 2013, has been researcher with the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, responsible for the Lingnan Gardeners project, and the management of the Chinese language websites of Global University for Sustainability and of WikiPeaceWomen.

Kiu Chi Lee - coordinator for English website

Kiu Chi Lee is research assistant at Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He is the coordinator for the English language websites of Global University for Sustainability and of WikiPeaceWomen.

Nominate a PeaceWoman!

We can reach our goal of making the work of one million PeaceWomen visible only through working together! This is why we are always in search of new PeaceWomen for our WikiPeaceWomen online platform. In case you would like to nominate a person we invite you to contact our Project Coordinator, Caroline Morrissey, by email