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1st September – 2 November 2017

A voice for women - thirty peace tables worldwide

01.09.2017 - 02.11.2017, Worldwide

Women's peace tables are convening all around the world, for discussion and to give women a voice. They will be discussing women’s role in conflict and peace work, drawing attention to the demands of UN resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, and will be identifying solutions.

The peace tables exert pressure on governments and the international community to implement the fundamental right of women to participate in official peace negotiations and reconstruction work. In the first year, there were ten peace tables, in the second year nineteen and this year there will be thirty in Afghanistan, Mali, Colombia, DR Congo, Palestine, Kashmir and Sri Lanka amongst others. For more information, please visit Women's Peace Tables.

Some Peace Tables up close

Colombia - Implementation of the peace agreement and the role of women

The Colombian peace table will highlight women's potential as the peace agreement is implemented. The focus is on women who have experienced war, those who opposed it, and those who are former FARC fighters. The Colombian peace process is seen as a pioneer for the effective participation of women in peace and transformation processes. Now for the real test: the implementation of the peace agreement.

Sri Lanka - Review of the conflict from the perspective of gender equality

Women have been invited to discuss critically the mechanisms of transitional justice that deal with the conflict in Sri Lanka and to examine how they conform to principles of gender equality. To this end, they have invited committed peace women from Colombia and Nepal to learn about their own experiences of peace processes. We can expect an innovative, lively and fruitful south-south exchange.

Senegal - Women as bridge builders

On the International Day of Peace, Plateform des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance, a civil society movement, will bring women of enemy parties to the table. Their aim is to build bridges, exchange experience and make recommendations on the transparent and active participation of women in peace negotiations.

You can find an overview over all the Peace Tables 2017 under PWAG Facebook Events.