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YES to the war business initiative!

The initiative "For a ban on financing war material manufacturers" will be put to the vote on 29 November. Today our pension fund assets and the funds of the Swiss National Bank are being invested in arms companies (including nuclear weapons producers).

The initiative will put a stop to this. As a feminist peace organisation, PeaceWomen Across the Globe calls for a ban on such investments.

The arms industry profits from armed conflicts and fuels them. Before war materiel can be used, its production must first be financed. As one of the largest and most important financial centres in the world, Switzerland plays a decisive role in this. Money from Switzerland is used to produce war materiel, to make profit from and to fuel wars that particularly affect the civilian population, women and children.

We do not want our pension funds to be used to co-finance wars and the human rights violations they commit. The Swiss National Bank and state pension funds and occupational benefit plans must stop investing in arms production.