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PeaceWoman of the Month

October 2014

Peace activist from Colombia

Ana Teresa Bernal was born to a middle class family from Colombia. She has been committed to the most vulnerable and poor people since she was a child. 
At the age of 18 years Ana Teresa began to study theatre. Very soon however, she decided to commit herself to peace and combatting social injustice. One year after the terrible attack against the Court of Justice in 1986, she founded the organization Movimiento por la Vida.  Later she represented the needs of the civil society at the National Council for Peace. In 1993 Ana Teresa founded REDEPAZ, an organization which would link isolated peace efforts and strengthen their common voice for a non-violent resolution to the conflict in Colombia. From 2005 to 2011 Ana Teresa was a member of the National Commission of Reparation and Reconciliation. Since the end of 2011 she supports the Office for Victims’ Human Rights, Peace and Reparation in Bogotá with her expertise. 
Ana Teresa’s long standing work with victims of sexual violence and with relatives of people who disappeared and were murdered has resulted in outstanding achievements, such as the creation of a National Congress for Peace, representation of the civil society before the guerilla movements FARC and the ELN, the abolishment of recruiting minors into the armed forces, mobilization of millions of people who voted for a peaceful resolution to Colombia's internal conflict and reuniting abducted children with their families. 


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