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Women's PeaceTables Special

Women Gather for a Global Debate

October 2016

Discussions, insights, calls for action: This October will see women participate in PeaceTables in 20 countries around the world. During the events, they will analyze local conflicts and work together to find solutions for the peace process. PWAG will be with them every step of the way. Here we present an overview.

Overview of the tables in the third October week:

The fundamental rights of women are at risk in Nicaragua, and peace is fragile. The PeaceTable participants will use the opportunity to highlight injustices and human rights abuses, and to reach a global audience.
In cooperation with PWAG Latin America

In Brazil, successes in the fight for equality are at risk from the resurgence of conservative opinion. At the PeaceTable campaigns will be planned to raise awareness of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) and to lobby for laws that prevent violence against women. This will also involve mobilizing men.
In cooperation with Associação Mulheres pela Paz

The PeaceTable in Tunisia will mark the end of an awarenessraising campaign that examines the opportunities and challenges of women’s political participation in a local context. The idea is to encourage women to participate in the 2017 elections as voters, candidates and observers.
In cooperation with League of Tunisian Women Voters

Participants at the PeaceTable in Vanuatu will address the rights of women as individuals, in marriage, in the family and in society. The event will also mark the start of the campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence.”
In cooperation with Women Against Crime and Corruption

Violence towards women increased dramatically over the past year, and laws on preventing it are not being implemented. This will be the main topic of the PeaceTable in Pakistan, which will bring together women and men from a variety of organizations.
In cooperation with Tehrik-e-Niswan


What we do

PeaceWomen Across the Globe is the successor organization of the initiative, 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize. We campaign for the equal participation of women in all levels of social and political activities, for the upholding of women's rights, and for an end to violence against women.