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PeaceWoman of the Month

September 2015

Nohab Chebaro, Mediator and Peace Builder from Libya

From a generation who experienced two civil wars
“The first one when I was looking forward to a wonderful life coming and the second one when I started preparing a happy quiet third age.
Lebanese citizen in 1975, 20 years old. While I was looking to make my dreams come true, the civil war in Beyrouth distraught my world. I joined the ICRC mission in Beyrouth where I found that the humanitarian field is my vocation.
In Libya, the civil war of 2011. The scenarios of violence returned to my mind: elders suffering from what is going on, youth dying for something that maybe was not their belief, children - tears in the eyes - missing their childhood.
I started and continued to work with the humanitarian organizations I had worked for during 35 years, ICRC/Lebanese RCs/Libyan Red Crescent, I evolved my participation in the humanitarian field, working on mediation, using humanitarian dialogue to mitigate for peace building and conflict resolution with the Humanitarian Dialogue Centre (HD centre), mission Libya.
I succeeded in having two university diplomas (sociology and physiotherapy), but it was when working on conflict ground that I got more experiences and more motivation to found and create social peacemakers.
And I found that the women, who are the mothers, sisters, daughters or wives of the fighters, can play an important role in peace making and keeping.”

Nohab Chebaro is a Representative of the Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in Eastern Libya, which is trying to prevent armed conflicts. For more information we recommend the overview by the ICP about the developments in Libya including an interview with Nohab Chebaro.


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