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PeaceWoman of the Month

November 2015

PeaceWoman from Nepal

„All development begins with the individual and has a spiritual dimension“, that is the belief of Indira Shrestha. After completing her studies in the United Kingdom, Indira Shrestha came back to Nepal in 1977. She worked as a researcher, field worker, evaluator and manager, soon noticing that development work lacked a holistic approach. Indira Shrestha wanted to provide a platform for women and for young people where they could operate away from ideological and patriarchal structures. Her organization „Shtrii Shaktii“ offers such refuge.

Indira Shrestha's approach involves self-development tools that integrate mind, body, heart and spirit. And she is very successful: in 2012 she was honoured as „Woman Manager of the Year“ in Nepal. During her career, Indira Shrestha has directed several texts, including Revisiting the Status of Women in Nepal (2011) which pointed out the contribution of women in Nepal's social, economic and political development.


What we do

PeaceWomen Across the Globe is the successor organization of the initiative, 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize. We campaign for the equal participation of women in all levels of social and political activities, for the upholding of women's rights, and for an end to violence against women.